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Links to Interesting Bridge Sites

Visit Master Point Press, the publisher of Eddie Kantar's most recent books and software, as well as many other well-known bridge authors.  Visit their site for more information on MPP titles, sample chapters, and much more.


Visit Bridge Blogging — a community of Master Point Press authors and other bridge writers who comment regularly on the bridge scene as well as their latest triumphs and disasters.


Visit Pamela & Matthew Granovetter's Web Site, see the Courses on the Internet.  They are GREAT.

Visit Bridge Plus, the UK friendly bridge magazine for club players! Features monthly quizzes and articles written by Eddie Kantar and other leading bridge writers such as David Bird, Ron Klinger, Andrew Robson and Tony Forrester.

Visit Mike Lawrence's Web Site

Visit Larry Cohen's Website with info about his books and lectures."

Visit Anna Gudge and Mark Newton

promoting real bridge in a virtual world.


Visit Carl Ritner's Website for bridge books and back-issue magazine sales, featuring mostly used and out-of-print items, from the ACBL library and other parties for sale at reasonable prices. 


Visit Barbara Seagram for games & classes, books & products, articles & newsletters.


Barnet ShenkinVisit Barnet Shenkin's website to enjoy many opportunities for learning and entertainment with this International Champion bridge player, writer and teacher.


Visit Chris Wasshuber's website for ebooks on magic, chess, bridge — here you'll find a few of Eddie Kantar ebooks.


Visit Mastering Bridge, an online community for bridge teachers and players where they can access free materials, read articles about bridge, participate in the forum, and more.


Visit The Bridge World,
the magazine no bridge player should be without


Visit Bridge Base Inc, quality bridge software.


Ron KlingerVisit Ron Klinger Bridge and improve your game, with quizzes, reference articles and daily problems.
Ron Klinger Bridge


Visit ACBL,


Visit Bridge Base Online
BBO Offers free and premium bridge services to bridge players of all levels.
Social play. ACBL Games. Tournaments. Solitaire.


Visit to play on-line bridge worldwide.


Visit Kitty Munson Cooper, Bridge Teacher for the online student and for teaching bridge to Kids




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