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"Defensive play has never been explained better"
- Bobby Goldman, four-time World Champion

"Comprehensive, yet crystal clear, and full of Kantar's inimitable humor"
- Paul Soloway, three-time World Champion, and ACBL all-time leading master point holder.

"Clearly laid-out principles and summaries on defensive play, Perhaps Kantar's best book yet. Basic concepts for the intermediate player by one of the best authors of books on defense. Clearly laid-out principles and summaries. Intermediate defense play has never been explained better. Awarded American Bridge Teachers' Association "1999 Best Intermediate Bridge Book of the Year."
Bob Simkins,DOTHAN, AL USA

"Best book on defending I've found, this is a great book for intermediate players wanting to get better. Let's face it - you're going to be playing defense half of the time but few books cover this subject well. I've also read his book, Advanced Bridge Defense, and it is good but this is the place to start. Each chapter includes some practice problems to help you remember the points made. Kantar even itemizes the points to be covered in the beginning and then summarizes them at the end - a great teaching aid. Top this off with the fact that he has a great writing style that makes it fun to read and you have a real winner."
Reader, Roseville, CA


"Why buy a CD rather than a book? That is the question I set myself the task of answering when I inserted the CD's into my computer and started clicking. This would be a good test, since although I have owned a computer for a good many years, mainly for word-processing, I am not very conversant with CD's such as these, having never really had the time to indulge.

"I was immediately and pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use and negotiate. You need to know nothing technical, apart from the ability to feed the CD into your computer, because the program tells you in a very easy-to-understand way how to proceed. As I clicked through the initial pages, I could see little difference between the CD and a book, until suddenly the interactive pages appeared and all four hands could be played just as at the bridge table. This is the real attraction, and it does make an enormous difference. The interaction is particularly good on the Practice Hands and the Test Yourself, but there are many other areas where it plays an important part. The quality of instruction is assured when you have Kantar in charge. If you've never clicked at bridge, why not try your hand now?"
- Bridge Plus magazine

"Rating SUPERB, especially for those who enjoy interactive learning."
- Australian Bridge

"A quality product from every aspect."
- The Kibitzer

"A year ago I was praising a matched pair of books by Eddie Kantar, Modern Bridge Defense and Advanced Bridge Defense. The interactive CD-ROM editions are even better."
- Frank Stewart, L.A. Times Syndicate.



"Excellent text on declarer play."
- The Denver Post

"I am already looking forward to the next book in the series. The presentation is immaculate, and the book is worth every penny. I expect it to appeal as much to teachers seeking a course book for lessons on declarer play as to student who wish to study by themselves."
- Bridge Plus magazine

"Eddie Kantar's latest book proves why teachers and those who want to improve their game consider him one of the best, if not the best, writer of bridge texts. As is a trade mark of all Kantar books the practice or illustration hands are outstanding. It is a pleasure to give this book two "thumbs up, way up" to steal a phrase from a famous movie reviewer. "
- American Bridge Teachers Association Quarterly

"Six superb chapters by a master writer and teacher - numerous excellent examples, and Eddie's famous gentle humor. The last topic, endplays, is covered so simply and easily that one will wonder why other writers make this topic so difficult."
- American Bridge Teachers' Association



"Eddie Kantar is not only one of today's best bridge writers, he's also one of the funniest. As always, he pokes fun at the top experts, and chronicles some of the bids and plays they hoped would never come to light (typically, though, there are more of his disasters in here than anyone else's). His misadventures as a 'world traveler' are legendary."
-Editorial Review

" I guarantee you will enjoy this book!"
- Marshall Miles

"Received Classic Kantar yesterday, took home to show my wife. Returned from bridge about 11 pm, Linda is sitting in the living room laughing uncontrollably, tears almost rolling down her face -- and she has barely started the book. She is laughing too much to read anything out loud. 12.30 am -- I plead with her to turn the light out -- I can't sleep with all that laughing."
- Nick Fahrer, The Bridge Shop, Auistralia

"This book is suitable for players at all levels. Don't expect to be able to put it down, though - book a whole evening off so that you can read it from cover to cover."
- Bridge Plus magazine

"Aims straight at the funny bone."
- The Denver Post



"Offensive guide to Bridge Defense. It is a complete book on the subject. Chapters are well organised and basic principles are so licidly explained that any astute reader will be immense beneficial out of this book. The examples choosen are not only cute in a sense of its presentation but also make a most difficult thing understable so easily. It is not a book of the Intermediates rather experts could also refresh their knowledge before Championship. Quizes not only explain one particular point but also brought to the surface many other co-related issues. It is a must in every bridge players desk."
-Sourendra, Calcutta, India

"Advanced Bridge Defense is intended to cover some of the more complex concepts of bridge defense for the modern advancing player, and will undoubtedly be a standard teaching tool and reference work for the next quarter-century. It is intended to be read after the companion volume, Eddie Kantar Teaches Modern Bridge Defense.
-Editorial review


This interactive edition is an educational and fun software product that presents the same material in interactive mode, giving you a chance to try the questions, practice hands and tests.

At the same time, the animated diagrams make following the play of card combinations or complete hands a snap - and you can repeat an example as many times as you like!
-Editorial review



"This accessible reference brings the favorite card game of millions up-to-date with plenty of tips, techniques, and advice on how to master Bridge. Helpful illustrations and diagrams guide readers through the process of dealing and organizing a hand, calculating points, making an opening bid, taking a trick, and more. Cartoons & line illustrations. "

"One of the very best of thousands of books introducing the beginner to the game."
-Alan Truscott, Bridge Columnist, The New York Times

"Eddie Kantar has now fit his talent to the perfect format, which features laid-back bridge advice presented with his keen sense of humor."
- Bobby Wolff, President, World Bridge Federation

"Eddie Kantar entertains you while cutting through the complexities."
- Frank R. Stewart, Bridge Columnist, Sheinwold's Bridge

"Don't assume this book is beneath you just because of the title. It's written by Eddie Kantar, one of the best modern bridge authors. It's a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to basic bridge bidding and play."
-Bill Garrett, Sunnyvale, CA

"This is the best book I've found on Bridge because Kantar explains the "why" behind the conventions. Once I understand the logic of a convention, and it makes sense to me, I can easily "use" the knowledge in my play. My game has definitely improved as a result of reading this book. My husband, too, has found it useful and he plays at a higher level than do I. (He plays Duplicate regularly.) My Dad, who has been playing for 30+ years, picked up this book when he was visiting and has asked me to buy him a copy. Thank you, Mr. Kantar!"
-Karel Kramer. Pine Grove, CA

"Great approach to teaching a sophisticated game. I am also new to bridge, and have also tried several other books on the subject. The three that I tried previously started with covering hand evaluation and bidding. By the time I get to the sections on "Responding to Responses at No Trump", I was getting lost. Kanter's approach is just the opposite. He teaches the mechanics of playing the hand first, THEN teaches how to evaluate the hand and bid. This is a great approach because once you learn how the play should be done, you are in a much better position to understand WHY you should evaluate and bid the way a hand demands you should. "
-Carlos Velez, Wappingers Falls, NY

"Logical Teaching Plan Amid a Humorous Tone. I am new to Bridge, although I have played Chess and Hearts for 40 years. I first started wading through other Bridge books and got bogged down in bidding conventions before the authors finally explained the objective for which we were contracting. Taking tricks is the objective. Kantar begins by explaining how to cleverly make contracts, while temporarily sidestepping how those contracts are reached. Only after that does he ease us into the bidding conventions. Some Chess books make a similar mistake. They teach openings, middle game, and endings in that order. One needs to first grasp the later stages of a game before he sees meaning behind preparatory moves. Eddie does it all the right way. And his breezy humorous style makes the learning process a pleasure."
-Curt Renz, Arlington Heights, IL

"The Book That Saved My Bridge Game. I was a rank beginner in bridge who tried to read other bridge books and got absolutely nowhere. This was the book that turned the lights on for me at the bridge table. Kantar writes in a lively, funny and informative way that I found to be the "spoonful of sugar" to help the medicine go down. With this book, I went from a frustrated and confused player to one who really enjoys the game. Now, the bridge column is the first thing I read in the papers, and I'm always ready for a hand. An excellent book. One of my favorites. Get it and improve your game dramatically."
-Scott Snyder, Martinez, CA USA

"Great Investment. A great book for people such as myself who know nothing about about bridge. I think it is great that he save auctioning techniques until the very end. It's at this point that auctioning makes more sense."
-K Klueh, Indianapolis



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