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Bridge Courses on the Internet

Bridge Today University (on the Granovetters' web site) offers a complete selection of excellent bridge courses available for purchase, covering all aspects of the game. The courses come in PDF files, which the student downloads. You can read them on your screen or print them and read them at your own pace. Also, students may ask questions from the teacher by email.

Eddie Kantar has the two courses shown below available for purchase from the Bridge Today University E-STORE:

#140 — Counting with Eddie Kantar
Intermediate course, 10 lessons
$49.00 [buy it]

This course, by America's favorite bridge teacher, is the first of its kind. To play a bridge hand, you must become a counter — counting high card points in the opponent's hands and counting the cards played in each suit may seem like a difficult task. But Kantar makes it look easy! Learn to form a mental picture of the hands and you'll become a declarer that your partners will be proud of. This course is a great confidence booster as well, because once you start counting, all the other declarer play concepts become easier.

#240 — Championship Hand Study with Eddie Kantar (Or, Hands I Got Right for a Change)
Advanced course, 11 lessons
$49.00 [buy it]

If you want to learn how to think your way through the play of a bridge hand, this is the course for you. Eddie shares some of his most dazzling successes and shows how he arrived at the proper line of play (or defense). The ever-modest Eddie illustrates that "brilliancies" can be the result of simple analysis, counting, inference, familiarity with card-combinations, or sheer desperation. As one would expect, the course is entertaining as well as educational.


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